United States Air Force Academy
Class of 1977
"Pride Rides" (Just Passin' Thru)

Graduated: 867 1 June 1977

Active duty AF: 38
Deceased: 36
Retired: 397
Separated: 418
Other Services: 14
(from the 2014 Register)

USAFA Class of 77
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The dates for our 40th reunion are set in concrete - October 12-15, 2017. It may seem like it's a long way off - but - if you've ever planned and/or attended a large wedding or other gathering for a 1000 or so of your closest friends, especially in the bustling metropolis of Colorado Springs, I'm sure you know, it's NOT far off at all. The key for ALL of us is to "save-the-date" and start planning NOW! Although the dirty-details have just now made it to the "first draft" level - the prospects for this being the largest and funn-est gathering of our class and guests EVER are increasing every day (500 of our classmates and 400+ guests have said they plan on coming). The "main" agenda of class-wide events is, as always, driven by the events on the Academy Grounds and we have a pretty good idea of when those events will occur. The rest of the itinerary (class dinner etc) will be up to us as a class - or - up to the individual squadrons for break-out parties etc. Here's the initial break out:

Weds - 10/11 - Early Check-in at the Central Hotel HQ (Hotel Elegante) - after 3:00 PM
Weds - 10/11 - No host social for early arrivals - TBD 
Thurs - 10/12 - Class Golf Tournament (Captains Choice) - USAFA - Shotgun start - TBD (afternoon) 
Thurs - 10/12 - Regular Check-in at the Hotel Elegante after 3:00 PM
Thurs - 10/12 - No host social for the class - TBD - a the hotel as well as Squadron Parties as desired/planned by Squadron POCs
Fri - 10/13 - Possible Class Meeting in the Hotel - TBD - (Morning)
Fri - 10/13 - This is the USAFA "Open House Day" - Dorm tours (TBD), Mitchell Hall lunch (limited seating), Senior Leader briefings (1:30-3:00)
Fri - 10/13 - Class Photo - Chapel Steps - 3:00 PM
Fri - 10/13 - Class Memorial Service for our gone-but-not-forgotten comrades - Chapel - 3:15 to 4:15
Fri - 10/13 - Class "Dinner" - working on booking the beautiful Broadmoor - Cocktails at 6:00 - Food? - yes -but TBD - Entertainment? - yes - but TBD
Sat - 10/14 - Class Tailgate - Falcon Stadium - TBD - Entertainment? - yes - but TBD. NOTE; Right now - we are trying to sign the hottest band in Nashville right now (Two-Way-Crossing), the lead singer for which is the daughter of our very own Doug Marlowe.)
Sat - 10/14 - BEAT UNLV - time TBD
Sat - 10/14 - Squadron gatherings - post game celebrations - etc - TBD
Sun - 10/15 - Depart the fix

The AOG will open the Registration Data Base - in June. You will get ample prior warning as to the exact date via email.

As those of you who have been contacted by email already know (750+ so far), we will be doing "business" exclusively through email for this reunion. There are 40 squadron POCs out there working hard to make sure you get the word as soon as the word is available. So, if you have NOT yet been contacted by email, your squadron POC doesn't have a good email address for you (or just doesn't like you) (-:). It's your job to fix that. Email Tom Toole at: tomtoole77@gmail.com and I'll pass it on to your POC.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Batton, James M. 17 January 2016 Loudon, TN
Beauclair, Thomas John 30 August 1983 Aircraft Accident; NAS Oceana, VA
Borthwick, Ronald Russell 25 January 1983 Hang Gliding Accident; Rancho Cordova, CA
Burlingham, Mark S. 24 Mar 2017 Saint Charles, MO
Conway, Timothy Owen 11 April 1978 Aircraft Accident; Enterprise, AL
Dettmar, Paul Allen 29 Dec 2014 Centreville, VA
Evans, G. Douglas 6 Mar 2015 Batesville, IN
Gerardi, Michael D. 11 September 1974 Aircraft Accident; Alamosa, CO
Graper, John Robert 21 December 1979 Aircraft Accident; Gorman, CA
Gress, Roderic Guy 28 February 1984 Aircraft Accident;Zaragoza, SP
Harrod, Scott B. 23 February 2016  
Hinkin, Daniel T. 5 August 2013 Manhattan, KS
Hinoki, Stanley Gary 21 March 1985 Aircraft Accident; Ft Hood, TX
Hurdle, Karl John 10 Feb 2017  
Kumpf, Richard Lee 30 June 1979 Aircraft Accident; Taos, NM
Lockhart, Greg L. 14 April 2015 Alexandria, VA
Manglicmot, Ernest G. "Greg" 4 Dec 2014 Plano, TX
Marsh, Clarence Talmage III 19 May 1995 Aircraft Accident; White Sands, NM
Martin, David Franklin 14 May 1983 Auto Accident; WV
Mason, David Dean 15 January 1985 Helicopter Accident; Honolulu, HI
Morris, Steven Jerome 2 August 1978 Aircraft Accident; Del Rio, TX
McGuire, David Michael 17 September 1992 Aircraft Accident; Upper Heyford RAF, GB
McNiel, Daniel L. 17 June 2011 Fort Collins, CO
Pineiro, Francisco Jr 8 November 1982 Aircraft Accident; Eglin AFB, FL
Shadbegian, Mark Daniel 8 Sep 1978 Aircraft Accident; Lake Conway, AR
Sizemore, Mark Alan 5 July 1988 Aircraft Accident; Arivaca, AZ
Slate, Stephen 19 September 2009 Colorado Springs, CO
Soisson, Thomas Jeffrey 11 January 1993 Warren, MI
Southrey, John Stephen 17 Sep 86 Aircraft Accident; Wells, NY
Spott, Derrick Brian 28 September 1990 Witchita, KS
Stone, Harley Ray 8 July 1979 Albuquerque, NM
Thomas, Edward Lee 7 April 1983 Aircraft Accident; Nellis AFB, NV
Tunis, Mark Chipman 13 November 1981 Pittsburg, PA
Vornbrock, Edward Kessler 26 Oct 2005 Atlanta, GA
Weaver, Larry Wayne 26 November 2012 Corsicana, TX
Wettarau, Gary Paul September 2015  
Willz, William Phillip August 1999 Fowler, CO