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AnNual Business Meeting AT The Cavanaugh!
This year’s Annual Meeting will again be a free family event (bring the kids and grandkids) at Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison.  It is scheduled for Saturday , February 20th, starting at 1:30pm and continuing as long as you want, with the Museum closing at 6:00pm.  We will meet in Hanger 2 this year for a short business meeting (5-10 minutes).  We need to vote on Board members who will then formally elect the officers.  After that formality, everyone is turned loose to enjoy the Museum.  This year our meeting coincides with the Museum’s “Drone Wars,” which is a competition requiring skillful piloting  of a drone through a timed  obstacle course.  It will be held inside a large net in Hanger 4.  The kids especially should find this entertaining.
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