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A key element of Connecting Grads with Grads and with our Communities are our “Service Before Self” Programs. They provide a great opportunity for Grads to reconnect with Classmates, meet new Zoomies, and give back to our Communities. Most of the programs only involve a few hours of your time, a few times a year. So we hope you’ll contact one or more of the Grads below, who serve as “Cause Coordinators” for the program(s) of most interest to you, and they will provide you with details and plans for upcoming events. The level of commitment can be whatever you want it to be, but we can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a great time and significantly  impact people’s lives!

For additional information about any of our "Service Before Self" Partnerships, please click on the link in the left column. To connect with the Grad who is heading up that program, (as "Cause Coordinator),  please contact them by using their email address in the right column.

Homeless Veterans (PNS / Patriot House) Dave Almand, ‘90
Homeless Veterans Serenity Veterans Village Jeff Raines, ‘84 
Civil Air Patrol Tim Taylor, ‘88 
Prop and Wings Officers Mike Giles, ‘67 
Grads ‘N Kids Tom Dollahite, ‘77 
Bonton Farms Stacy Boggs, ‘01
Tarrant Area Food Bank Mark Daly, ’77 
North Texas Food Bank
Tom Kirwin, '67
St. Philips School Christian Evans, ’08
22Kill Tom Whitney, ’10
DISD JROTC Bill Meshack, ’92 
FWISD JROTC Bob Decker, ’73
Operation Gratitude Dr. Mike Opatowsky, ‘80 
Prayer Group G. W. Holt, '88

We also hold two events in the Spring to prepare new USAFA Appointees for what lies ahead. The BCT Orientation is held at the Swiss Avenue home of Dr. Sandy Brothers, and the Sendoff Picnic is held in Grand Prairie, with Grads, Cadets, Appointees, Parents and families celebrating the Sendoff of a new Class!!

Appointee BCT Orientation Dr. Sandy Brothers, ‘85 
Appointee Sendoff Picnic Stu Walker, ‘86